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User-friendly trading platforms

User-friendly trading platforms

Modern CFD traders need – and deserve - high-quality, user-friendly trading platforms.

Understanding this, iFOREX Europe developed exclusive, customized platforms that are especially designed to assist you to invest in a wide variety of CFD instruments, whenever you choose.

The deal is simple: We’ll take care of the platforms so you can take care of the trading.


Our web trading platform

At iFOREX Europe, we don’t settle for a premade web platform. Our FXnet is a tailor-made web platform that was developed and adapted to answer every client question or comment we received. Our complete understanding of our clients’ needs, comes from you, our clients.

The FXnet can be fully customized according to specific requirements, displays multiple tools and features and is extremely easy to use.

  • A simple, friendly interface
  • A choice of over 750 instruments to trade
  • Charts, market sentiment, signals and more decision-making tools
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The iFOREX Europe app

Our mobile platform

In our era, everything is on-the-go. You are probably reading this on your mobile. Your trading platform should match your step. Accessible and efficient, the iFOREX Europe App works smoothly on multiple mobile devices, and is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

  • Quickly place trades and constantly monitor your positions
  • Complete access to your wallet, balance sheets, equity and margin details
  • Market and account updates as they happen
iFOREX Europe iFOREX Europe
The iFOREX Europe app

Remember: We’re here for you, every step of the way

The iFOREX Europe trading platforms offer many tools that can assist new clients in familiarizing and informing themselves with the different features. However, we also believe that no technology – no matter how advanced – is complete without human touch. You don’t need to converse with robots. Our customer support is always available by email, chat or phone.Just get in touch.