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Master the basics of CFD trading

Master the basics of CFD trading

A new world of financial opportunities

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey of CFD trading with iFOREX Europe? As a member of the iFOREX Group, we bring over 25 years of experience, cutting-edge technology and personal service, specifically designed for active investors.

We’ll give you the information to make knowledge-based decisions and become an active investor.
Are you ready? Let’s start with some basic info.

To set up your iFOREX Europe account:

  • Register

    Follow the “Register” button below

  • Enter your details

    Enter your details

  • Fund and activate your account

    Fund and activate your account

Step-by-step to your first deal

  • Pick your instrument to open a deal slip

    Pick your instrument to open a deal slip

    Pick your instrument to open a deal slip
  • Choose “Sell” or “Buy”

    Choose “Sell” or “Buy”

    Choose “Sell” or “Buy”
  • Set your deal size

    Set your deal size

    Set your deal size
  • Click “Deal”

    Click “Deal”

    Click “Deal”

CFD trading basics

When you trade online, you are buying and selling CFDs – Contracts for Difference. This means that you are investing in the price of various financial instruments without actually owning them.

1 CFD of
Oil Oil
The price of 1 oil barrel
Gold Gold
The price of 1 ounce of gold
The price of 1 Euro in dollars

What CFD instruments can you trade?
The list includes numerous shares, commodities, indices, currencies, cryptocurrencies and ETFs.

Here are just a few examples of CFD instruments you can trade with iFOREX Europe:

Oil Apple
Oil Bitcoin
Gold Gold
Gold Google
Check out the full list of over 750 tradeable CFDs

Leverage trading

As any active investor will tell you, leverage is one of the most popular trading tools in existence. It enables you to open large deals with a relatively small investment, essentially boosting your trading power.

Investment Investment Leverage Leverage Max deal size Max deal size
€500 X 30 = €15,000

Keep in mind though, that while leverage is a powerful tool that increases your trading power, it also increases risk. Use it with sufficient experience and consideration.

Get more knowledgeable

Find all of the resources and tools to become a better trader with iFOREX Europe.

  • 1-on-1 training

    1-on-1 trainingLearn about trading strategies and the market at your own pace

  • The iFOREX Europe App

    The iFOREX Europe AppReceive market updates and alerts by downloading our free app

  • A $5,000 Demo Account

    A $5,000 Demo AccountPractice and improve with no risk until you are ready to trade for real

  • Education resources

    Education resourcesBenefit from trading guides, video tutorials and informative articles

  • Trading tools

    Trading toolsTake advantage of market insights, economic calendar and more

Need assistance? Have questions regarding iFOREX Europe’s services, trading platform or special offers?
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