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Tradable instruments

Tradable instruments
iFOREX Europe’s variety of 750+ CFD instruments allows you to pursue opportunities in multiple global markets. Trade shares, commodities, currency pairs and indices in the form of CFDs to diversify your portfolio, as you benefit from premium trading conditions.
Currency pairs CFDs

Currency pairs CFDs

The Forex market is the largest financial market in the world, operating five days a week. At iFOREX Europe, you can invest in a selection of currency pairs with leverage of up to 30:1 and benefit from very tight spreads.

The variety of currency pairs from all over the world allows for portfolio diversification, alongside the trading tools needed to manage your movements from anywhere you choose. Receive access to informative resources, making it easier to remain updated and quickly react to market events.

Currency CFD trading benefits:

  • Trade currency pairs with leverage of up to 30:1*
  • Take advantage of any market direction – up or down
  • Trade any time, from any device
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Commodity CFDs

Commodity CFDs

Investing in gold and oil prices no longer requires you to buy and store these commodities. Trading commodities in the form of CFDs allows you to take advantage of price fluctuations on a wide variety of popular commodities, as underlying assets.

iFOREX Europe’s selection of commodity CFDs include precious metals, energy assets and agricultural commodities among others, which you can trade using cutting-edge trading tools. You can also view our daily news and analysis channels to stay updated with recent market changes.

Commodity CFD trading benefits:

  • Trade a wide variety of commodities with leverage*
  • No need to physically buy or store the commodities
  • Benefit from tight spreads on multiple instruments
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Indices CFDs

Indices CFDs

Invest in well-known indices in the form of CFDs such as the US 30, which follows the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average future index. You can also trade the US 500 (based on the performance of the S&P 500 Future index), the Germany 40 (DAX future index) and many others.

Index CFD trading benefits

  • Trade indices with leverage of up to 20:1*
  • Invest in a wide variety of indices from various markets
  • Access to a variety of free, advanced trading tools
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Share CFDs

Share CFDs

Share CFD trading is a great way to diversify your portfolio and expose it to different markets. iFOREX Europe currently offers share CFDs from numerous industries including tech, banking, aviation, food and beverage, automobile, energy and clothing and we continue to add new instruments regularly.

iFOREX Europe offers many share CFDs of world leading brands from multiple regions. On Japanese, US and European shares we offer enhanced leverage of 5:1, allowing you to boost your trading potential far beyond your ability to do so with local brokers.

Share CFD trading benefits

  • Diversify your portfolio with instruments form all over the world
  • You could take advantage of the success – or even failure – of world leading brands
  • Use advanced market orders to manage multiple deals in various markets
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ETFs are extremely popular among traders worldwide. At iFOREX Europe you can trade a wide variety of ETFs in the form of CFDs, while benefitting from innovative trading tools and excellent trading conditions.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) allow traders to invest in several instruments in one go. Essentially, an ETF is a tradable instrument that tracks indices, commodities, bonds, or any basket of assets. It can even be said that by trading ETFs, investors ‘hedge’ their trades within a single instrument.

ETF CFD trading benefits

  • Trade ETF CFDs with leverage*
  • Trade ETFs from a variety of markets and industries
  • Manage your deals with ease via web, smartphone, or tablet
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At iFOREX Europe, you can invest in cryptocurrency CFDs with leverage and take part in this new, exciting market. We offer a wide variety of popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin (EUR), Litecoin, Litecoin (EUR), Ripple and Ripple (EUR) as well as provide you with access to rates, charts, and daily market information.

There is little doubt that cryptocurrencies are revolutionary financial instruments. They have the potential to change how people handle money and could affect the banking industry, world finances and the global economy.

Cryptocurrency CFD trading benefits

  • Trade a variety of cryptocurrencies with leverage*
  • Enjoy excellent trading conditions
  • Access daily news and analysis for free
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*Leverage can magnify profits as well as losses